How we are different

  • One of the Nation’s Leading Abortion Providers
  • Rated Among the Top 1% of Abortion Clinics and Abortion Pill Clinics Worldwide
  • Advanced Technology IV Sedation (Driver or Escort Not Necessary)
  • Daily VIP Appointments Available - 90 to 120 Minute Visits
  • Highest Quality Care At The Lowest Possible Cost

Experienced Physicians

  • Over 100 Years Combined Abortion Experience Among Physicians
  • #1 Physician Referral in Central Florida
  • Female Physicians Available in Tampa, Ocala and Orlando Offices
  • Physician with Over 20 years Specialized Experience in Abortion Pill and Medical Abortions

Reproductive Health and Family Planning

At Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic, we provide legal, safe medical or surgical abortions from the earliest a pregnancy can be performed which is a little over 3 weeks, up to 24 weeks, in relaxed, ultra-modern, state-of-the-art medical offices in several convenient Florida locations. All of our Physicians have Florida State Medical Licenses and have superb experience in performing ultrasounds and abortion procedures.  

Extremely Low Complication Rate
We are proud of our excellent patient safety records and extremely low complication rates. We take extra steps to provide additional measures of safety for our patients. We use only sterilized surgical instruments and sterile, single-use-only, disposable plastic uterine curettes. We perform ultrasound on all our patients before surgery and on a case by case basis during, and after the abortion  to ensure the safety of our patients and completeness of the procedure. We will also perform ultrasounds on patients who return to our offices for their three week check up if they still have a positive pregnancy test.  Five to seven percent of the patients who undergo a termination can have a positive pregnancy test for up to 6 weeks after a abortion procedure. 

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Request an exclusive less than two hour in and out of office appointment with Dr. Pendergraft by contacting or calling  E-mail preferable: Drpendergraft@gmail.com or call him directly at 321-445-2545
or call office location nearest you by clicking location. Exclusive VIP private service allows you to be the only patient in office. 5 convenient locations to serve you seven days a week Please call for an appointment. For further information including family planning, visit our premiere website.

For over 20 years, I have been a pioneer in developing techniques that are safe and more efficient in terminating pregnancy 3 to 24 weeks from the last menstrual period. Our facilities are well equipped and exceed state required standards. You will find that our offices are designed for patient comfort and safety. We make certain that our patients receive the highest quality medical care at the lowest possible cost.   

Our Physicians and staff are highly trained in performing early termination procedures (3 to 6 weeks) surgically or medically as well as performing medical abortions (non-surgical) in the second trimester and late term abortions. The request to perform Early Abortions has increased over the past several years. At Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic, we have been performing early abortion procedures both surgically and medically for more than 15 years. Women often choose the medical abortion because it can be performed in the privacy of the home with their supporting partner and because they feel it is a more private, personal option.

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If 6 Weeks Or Less

  • Early Surgical Abortion or First Trimester Abortion
  • Pregnancy can be ended ONE WEEK before your missed period
  • May Return to Work Same Day
  • 3 Minute Safe Pain Free Guarantee Abortion
  • Immediate Recovery
  • May Have Sex within 24 Hours of the Surgical or Medical Procedure
  • May Return to All Normal Activities the Same Day

Second Trimester Or Late Term Abortions

  • Abortion Pill: Abortion Without The Need Of Surgery (D&E) 92% Of The Time.
  • Dilatation and Evacuation Procedures (D&E) Performed
  • Safe, Effective, Minimal To No Complications
  • Over 100 years combined Physician Experience
  • Performing Second Trimester, Therapeutic and Late Term Abortion Procedures


  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Discreet VIP or Exclusive 90 to 120 Minute Appointments
  • Undecided? Schedule a Visit for a One on One Consultation
  • Third Trimester Consultations Available with Dr. Pendergraft
    You may contact him at Drpendergraft@gmail.com

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