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  • Rated Among the Top 1% of Abortion Clinics and Abortion Pill Clinics Worldwide
  • Advanced Technology IV Sedation (Driver or Escort Not Necessary)
  • Daily VIP Appointments Available - 90 to 120 Minute Visit
  • Female Physicians Available in Tampa, Ocala and Orlando Offices
  • Highest Quality Care At The Lowest Possible Cost

Experienced Physicians

  • Over 100 Years Combined Abortion Experience Among Physicians
  • #1 Physician Referral in Central Florida
  • Women Physicians Available in Tampa, Ocala and Orlando Offices
  • Physician with Over 20 years Specialized Experience in Abortion Pill and Medical Abortions

Other Services

Routine Gynecological check-ups and exams are important to maintain good health.  Our Gynecology clinic sees patients on an appointment basis only. The gynecological exams include a yearly Pap Smear, pelvic exam, breast exam, and lab work which may help to identify any abnormalities patients may have. Early diagnosis is a very important factor in successful treatment. 

We will also perform vaginal cultures, urine and blood tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and treatment. We also provide education for prevention of STD’s. Birth control options will be discussed to prevent unwanted pregnancies since this will prevent the number one cause of abortions.  

During an appointment at Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic, feel free to ask any questions you have about Chlamydia, HIV/AIDs, humanpapillomavirus (HPV/genital warts), gonorrhea or herpes.

Pap Smear
The Pap smear is a test that examines cells collected from the cervix. The essential purpose is to screen for cervical cancer, although it can detect pre-cancerous cellular changes and HPV.  The Pap smear was developed in the early 1940's and since then, deaths from cervical cancer have decreased by 70%.

How the Pap Smear is Performed
Pap smears are performed by removing superficial cells from the cervix which are collected with a small brush. The collection of these cells take just a few seconds to do and there is no pain involved. 

Importance of Pap Smear
Early detection of abnormal cell changes in the cervix is very important in order to have the best chance of treatment.

Cervical abnormalities leading to cancer normally do not have any symptoms. 

How Often Should Pap Smears be Done?
Women should have their first Pap Smear three years after becoming sexually active, or by the time they reach age 21 (whichever comes first).

Teenagers and patients in their 20's need a Pap Smear every year. 

As women get older and there have been repeated normal Pap Smears, one can decrease the frequency of them. 

If a patient has an abnormal Pap Smear, they may need to have more frequently.

Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women between the ages of 35 to 54 years of age. The tumor is a lump of malignant cells in the breast. Most lumps in the breast are not cancerous but some may be. Most patients with breast cancer have no family history or other known risk factors associated with breast cancers. 

Incidence of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer occurs in about 1 in 8 women.
185,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year.
Early detection is the key to treating the disease.

Early Detection
Get yearly breast exams, report any breast lumps or other suspicious changes to your Physician.

If over 40, have a yearly mammogram. 

A patient may request an exclusive or private appointment with Dr. Pendergraft by contacting him by E-mail preferable: Drpendergraft@gmail.com or call him directly at 321-445-2545 or call office location nearest you by clicking locations. Same day appointments can be arranged.  

For further information including family planning, please visit our premiere website.


Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic
Offering Medical and Surgical Abortion
3 to 24 Weeks 

If 6 Weeks Or Less

  • Early Surgical Abortion or First Trimester Abortion
  • Pregnancy can be ended ONE WEEK before your missed period
  • May Return to Work Same Day
  • 3 Minute Safe Pain Free Guarantee Abortion
  • Immediate Recovery
  • May Have Sex within 24 Hours of the Surgical or Medical Procedure
  • May Return to All Normal Activities the Same Day

Second Trimester Or Late Term Abortions

  • Abortion Pill: Abortion Without The Need Of Surgery (D&E) 92% Of The Time.
  • Dilatation and Evacuation Procedures (D&E) Performed
  • Safe, Effective, Minimal To No Complications
  • Over 100 years combined Physician Experience
  • Performing Second Trimester, Therapeutic and Late Term Abortion Procedures


  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Same Day Appointments Available
  • Discreet VIP or Exclusive 90 to 120 Minute Appointments
  • Undecided? Schedule a Visit for a One on One Consultation
  • Third Trimester Consultations Available with Dr. Pendergraft
    You may contact him at Drpendergraft@gmail.com

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